The market for graphic artists is more COMPETITIVE and COMPLEX than ever. How can you compete and provide more VALUE to your CLIENTS? You can constantly learn many new technical skills on your own, such as WEB DESIGN, PROGRAMMING and INTERNET MARKETING, or you can have your own TRUSTED TEAM and instantly turn your small agency into a WORLD-CLASS, turn-key design and marketing solutions provider.

Who is better qualified to understand the needs of graphic artists than an experienced graphic artist?

The founder of Graphic Artist Partnership, Tony Coolidge, began his graphic artist career in 1984, in the days of exacto blades and typesetting machines. Mr. Coolidge grew with the evolution of technologies, mastering computer graphic design, digital publishing, web site design, Internet programming, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). This evolution to integrate traditional design with digital technologies took 31 years, and it still continues. And the tools and systems developed by Mr. Coolidge and his team are now available for our graphic artist partners, so they don't have to spend their entire careers learning skills in multiple fields in order to offer an up-to-date, competitive slate of creative services.

Do you find it difficult to keep up with the fast-paced advances in graphic arts, digital publishing and Internet technologies?

One of the risks of falling behind the technology curve is that your clients may eventually need the technical services that you don't offer. Your client may find a web designer, who also takes over designing branding and print materials. Or potential clients who need multiple services may choose to work with a one-stop creative shop for all of their marketing needs. Graphic designers could choose to partner with other professionals for cooperation on projects, but who can they trust?

Can you expand your services AND simplify the management of complex customer projects?

Clients who need services for their projects in multiple fields can be difficult to manage. The Graphic Artist Partnership team has developed powerful, time-saving project management tools with the help of graphic artists. Also, the team trains its partners on understanding Internet services, so the graphic artist partners can explain and sell them to their customers, as services of their own company. We educate and train our partners, so they can grow the value of their company, and earn more income. We provide our partners peace of mind, knowing that their customers will be satisfied and remain loyal. What is that worth to you? Contact us to find out what our partnership can be worth to your business.

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